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Too much bathing may dry the babies skin (see: baby skin care), so bathe the child 3 times a week and thoroughly clean the diaper area every time you change the baby’s diaper.

Sponge baths are recommended for babies in their first 2 weeks. It’s best to clean the baby gently with a damp cloth and mild lukewarm soapy water. While giving a sponge bath the baby can be kept in a towel, exposing only those parts that are being cleansed. Try and avoid using soap on the baby’s face.

After 2 weeks or so your baby is ready for his first bath. Fill a basin with luke warm water. Undress the baby and gently help him to sit down in the basin while holding him constantly. See to it that her head and upper body is well above the water level. Then gently clean with a damp cloth. You can pour water over his body using a small mug. Shampoo her hair once a week and when washing her hair, make sure that the soap doesn’t go into the eyes, but don’t panic if it does - Just clean the baby’s eyes with a clean damp cloth.

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